Car Rental Terms and conditions:

• Valid driving license
• Valid ID card / Passport
• Minimum driver age – 21 years

Delivery of the car in Sofia:

In working hours (Monday – Friday from 8am to 8pm) – free of charge
Out of office hours – 10 EUR

Delivery of the car in the country:

Please contact us for more information

The rental price includes:

• Unlimited mileage
• Civil Liability Insurance
• Damage insurance with limit to the deposit value, for full coverage of damage – 2 EUR / day
• Annual vignette sticker (road tax)
• Fuel discount card
• Road Assistance card

Fuel Policy:

• Cars are delivered with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank.
• When returning a vehicle with an unloaded tank – the value of the remaining fuel is added.

Returning the car:

If the agreed return time is not met – overdue time is paid as half a day rent.

In case of a technical problem :

In the event of a technical problem, the customer has to contact us.

In case of an accident:

The customer is required to notify us and the competent authorities to get a road traffic accident report.

In case of lost car documents:

In the case of lost documents, a fee of EUR 200 is charged.
The car is rented for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, if you need a trip abroad – please contact us.

Policy for providing our “Car rental” service

• The “Rent-a-car” service is performed after the customer’s request for its use by HOOP-RC Ltd.
• The customer’s wish to use the service comes by phone, Viber, Facebook, via e-mail, by the booking system on our website.
• As a result, our representative delivers a car at the address indicated by the client, where the documents for use of the service – Rental Agreement, receipt and / or invoice are drafted. When filling out the rental agreement, personal data of the client is used.
• After the necessary documents have been processed, the payment should be made unless it has been done in advance – via our website, via bank transfer or Paypal.
• When renting a car, the customer pays a deposit (section “Prices”) as well as the rental price for the rental period. The deposit is an amount that should cover any damage to the vehicle that the insurers do not cover – a tire cut, a damage to the bottom of the vehicle, as well as damage from a crash that has not been provided by the client with a protocol from the police authorities.
• In the case of a technical malfunction during the rental period, the client is required to notify our representative (the contacts are listed in the “About Us” section) and then we take action to resolve the problem in the fastest and most convenient for the customer way.
• In case of a road accident, the client is obliged to contact our representative and the police authorities (tel. 112) for registration and protocol from the scene.
• The car is available for use for the rental period in it’s best technical condition, with a full tank of fuel, tires according the season, owner’s documents, technical inspection document, Third Party Liability insurance certificate, paid toll (vignette sticker), emergency assistance card, fuel discount card, first aid kit, emergency triangle, fire extinguisher, spare tire, and (if requested) snow chains, a child seat or a navigation system.
• When renting or returning the car at non-working hours (20h to 8h), additional charges are applied (“Prices” and “Rental Conditions” sections)
• When a car is taken back, it is reviewed by our representative and in the absence of damages that the insurer does not cover – the deposit is returned to the customer in full. If such damages are found, the value of the repair / parts is deducted from the deposit. If the amount of fuel does not correspond to the amount given at the beginning of the rental – the customer pays the difference through the deposit.
• The deposit is returned according to the payment method – if it is made by card payment – it will be reversed, if it is made by bank transfer or Paypal – it is returned by bank transfer or Paypal, if it is made in cash – it is returned in cash.
• For the period of renting the car, its good management is the responsibility of the client, its technical condition and the equipment are our responsibility.

Policy for termination of service, compensation of cardholders and refusal of reservations

• If you wish to replace the rented car, it should be returned in the state in which it is hired – in technical order , with the amount of fuel it is delivered.
• The service may be canceled by the customer and we will refund the amount, paid for the rest of the rental period.
• If the canceled service is payed with a bank card, the residual amount will be refunded to the customer with a credit transaction on the card, with which the purchase was made within the same day the withdrawal was received.
• If a paid reservation is canceled – the entire paid amount will be refunded to the customer with a credit transaction on the card, with which the purchase was made within the same day the withdrawal was received.
In all cases, that need communication with us – You can contact us on :
Phone: +359-885-472047 Viber: +359-885-472047 WhatsApp: +359-885-472047
Facebook: @hooprc
HOOP-RC Ltd , 1574 Sofia, Bulgaria, Slatina district