General information

The current document explains the manner, in which HOOP Rent a car collects and uses personal data of users and clients on the website, including visitors to our website. All changes , which the current policy may undergo in the future, will be published on this webpage.
In brief – we are committed to the confidentiality of our data while providing you with services by creating an informative and protected website, which guarantees both the seamless browsing by the users and the access to personalized services and information.
If you have any questions now or while you are browsing the website, please write to . All amendments to this policy will be published on this website. This document enters into force on 20.08.2018.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

The personal data is information, which identifies you as a personality. HOOP Rent a car collects particular kinds of personal data at, like name, telephone number, e-mail address, only when you have voluntarily provided it to us. To take advantage of certain opportunities, which we offer (for example, to rent a car, to request a transfer or an automobile with a personal driver), we may request from you to provide us with personal data.

Confidentiality of your information on the website of HOOP Rent a car

The main goal of the website is to be a platform for easy and convenient reservation of automobiles for rent with or without a personal driver, it is a source and a business tool, which will help you learn more about renting cars. We want you to feel secure when you are visiting our website and we insist upon the confidentiality of your data.

What information do we collect?

HOOP-RC Ltd. collects information on its website in two ways: (1) directly (for example when you are providing information to subscribe to a newsletter or you are sending a request); and (2) indirectly (for example through the technology of the website).
We are able to collect and process the following information:
The information you provide when filling out forms on our website. This includes subscription for services, newsletters and news. Pages, which collect this type of information, may provide additional information regarding the need for your information and the ways, in which it will be used. It depends on you whether you will provide it.
If you contact us, we may keep a copy of this correspondence, any kinds of comments or another type of content, which you upload when reserving an automobile for rent through our website .
The website collects information about your computer, including (when available) IP address, operating system and type of browser, in order to administer the system, filter the traffic, seek user domains and prepare statistical reports, details about your visits to the website, the pages you are examining, and the content you access or download, including – data traffic, data about the location, blogs and other information about the communication. For more information please see the “Cookies“ section below.
When this information is related to you, we shall treat it as “personal data“.

How we use the information we collect from the website?

We use personal data to provide you with the information requested by you, as well as for other purposes, which are described when necessary or which are obvious. For example:
In order to fulfill your order to rent a car, to request a transfer or to rent an automobile with a personal driver, In order to personalize the services, which the website provides, In order to contact you for marketing purposes when you consent to it.
We analyze your IP address and browser information, in order to determine which is most efficient for our website, in order to find a way to improve it and make it more efficient.

Shall we disclose your personal data to outsiders?

HOOP-RC Ltd. may store, use, and disclose information with the permission of, or upon demand by, the applicable legislation, including disclosures, which are necessary and recommendable in order to: (1) protect the rights, health, safety or property of HOOP-RC Ltd. or others; (2) we perform analyses, which to use in order to improve our website or services; (3) we cooperate for legal investigations related to the security and (4) act according to the applicable legislation, rules and other legal requirements.
Except for the above, HOOP-RC Ltd. shall not transfer, exchange, license, sell, lease or disclose in any other way your personal information without your consent. Nevertheless we shall be entitled to collect and/or provide summarized statistics about the website and its visitors to third parties. We shall not sell personal data to third parties.

What is the policy towards “sensitive“ personal data?

HOOP-RC Ltd. does not have the practice to collect “sensitive“ information through its website. In the rare cases when we require such information by email, we make it according to the local legal requirements towards personal data protection. If you decide to provide us with “sensitive“ personal data, you confirm your agreement for us to use the data according to the applicable legislation as herein described. The concept “sensitive personal data“refers to the various categories of personal data determined by the European and other laws on personal data protection, like information, which must be approached with special care, including only upon express consent in certain cases. These categories may include the national identity number (EGN), information about a bank account, race or ethnic origin, political viewpoint, religious belief. The “Sensitive“ personal data may be collected and used in the context of your request for renting a car, jeep, bus, or requesting a transfer, and of your relationships with HOOP-RC Ltd., so that they can provide you with the necessary services, and for performing analyses, which we can use to improve our website or services, and which may be shared for these purposes with our suppliers of services.

Is your personal data protected?

We have undertaken serious measures to ensure the security of the personal data collected through the website of HOOP-RC Ltd.. You must bear in mind that the open nature of the Internet space permits the transfer of data and information to networks, which connect you to our systems without any security measures, and they may be accessed and used by people, for who they were not intended.
Periodically our website may contain links to and from websites and partner networks, advertisers and partners. If you follow a link to one of these websites, please bear in mind that these websites have their own policies on personal data protection, for which we are not responsible. Please familiarize yourselves with these policies before providing any kind of personal data to these websites.

How is your personal data processed?

The personal data we collect is processed according to the internal security policies.
We shall store your personal data until we need it in order to provide you with services and to observe our legal and contractual obligations.

Your rights

You are entitled to know whether we dispose with your personal data, and if this is so, to have access to this data and request for it to be corrected if not exact. Under some circumstances you may be entitled to object to the use of your personal data or to insist on its removal. You may do so by contacting us on
We do not collect and do not store information about persons under 18 years of age, and no part of our website or services is designated for persons under 18 years of age. By using this website you confirm that you are at or above this age.

I have a question or a complaint

If you haven’t found what you were looking for, or you have a question regarding the use of your personal data, please write to us on

To contact us

Should you have any questions regarding our policy on personal data protection, please contact us on email at or write to the following address:
HOOP Rent a car
Sofia, Slatina district

HOOP Rent a car will cooperate with you for resolving any issues related to the current document.